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37: SaaS Marketing in 2022 - Part 2

Part 2 on what Leadferno and Whitespark are doing for marketing in 2022. Aaron talks about exploring paid search, co-webinars and hiring a service for cold outreach to book demos. Darren has been launching a ton lately and talks about their video marketing, landing pages and referrals.

36: SaaS Marketing in 2022 - Part 1

Darren and Aaron talk about the SaaS marketing strategies for Whitespark and Leadferno in 2022. We covered marketing your SaaS features, podcast interviews and events. In covering just some of what we are doing - we declared this part 1, with part 2 to come! No doubt marketing your SaaS is so important in 2022.

35: Mining For Growth Opportunities

Looking internally at your data, customer behavior and more can surface growth opportunities for your SaaS. Aaron and Darren discuss how to find these growth opportunities, some of Darren's discoveries and Aaron has a personal health update.

34: All Aboard User Onboarding

User onboarding in SaaS is a critical part of the user experience. Aaron and Darren look at the process of guiding new users to find value with your software product including sign-up, emails, in-app notifications, support and more. It all needs to work together to onboard a user and lead them to success with your SaaS.

33: What To Do In 2022

A look ahead at what 2022 holds for Whitespark and Leadferno. Aaron and Darren lay out their hopes and wished for what they can build, accomplish, market and sell in the next year. 2022 should be a year of big growth for both SaaS companies.

32: Just 6 Weeks

With just 6 weeks left in 2021 Aaron and Darren talk about what they hope to get finished by the end of the year. Leadferno is focused on their mobile apps and Whitespark keeps building on it's next version.

31: SaaS Is A Marathon, Not A Sprint

It can be hard when running your SaaS to keep focused on the long game, that it's a marathon for success and not a sprint. While there are daily and weekly items that need attention, it's important to see how they fit into the big picture.

30: Prepare to Launch

Aaron and Darren catch up after taking some time off from the podcast this summer. Aaron shares that Leadferno is ready to launch! Darren digs into where Aaron is at with Leadferno, his launch plans and expectations.

29: Prioritize or Die

Prioritization might be the most important and most difficult thing in running a SaaS company. Aaron and Darren explore the challenges they have with how to prioritize and how it relates to what they are doing right now.

28: Vision and Mission

Creating the vision and mission statement as well as core values for your SaaS company can have big benefits internally and externally. Aaron and Darren discuss the process and benefits as Darren looks to finally create this for Whitespark.

27: Plan the work, work the plan

Aaron has announced his new company is Leadferno, a business messaging app. Darren digs into Leadferno's plans as they have launched their marketing site and the plan to launch in June.

26: A Big Change

Aaron shares his big news that he's leaving GatherUp to start a new SaaS adventure! Darren and Aaron catch up to start 2021, and dive into Aaron's big decision and explore his next product.

25: OK, 2020

Looking back on 2020, Aaron and Darren look at the many challenges of operating a SaaS company through a pandemic but still manage to find some of the bright spots.

24: Raising Prices

Darren is looking to raise his pricing for the first time ever. He and Aaron discuss the many aspects of raising your SaaS product's price, from the amount of the raise to communication best practices. No doubt, raising prices has an emotional aspect to it.

23: Course Correcting

What happens when you head down the wrong path? You build a feature or spend time on something that doesn't move the needle and then you need to correct your path. Aaron and Darren catch up and discuss how and when you cut bait on features that might distract you, flop or don't deliver for your customers.

22: SaaS Pricing - Is The Price Right?

Aaron and Darren catch up to end the summer of 2020. Darren is putting on a huge Local SEO conference with marketing benefits he shares and a recent bad experience with another SaaS product leads us to talk a bit on SaaS pricing and agreements.

21: Frameworks

Aaron and Darren catch up on business, summer, COVID and then take a dive into a feature framework Aaron created and has been using S.E.A. stands for Security, Efficiency and Advantage with the framework putting a feature against these key benefits to judge its value and prioritization.

20: Big Launches & Big Challenges

Another COVID catch up as Darren covers his big launch of a long time feature completely redesigned and Aaron discusses some staff challenges with the dip in business.

19: Navigating The Unknown

Aaron and Darren share how things look for them personally and for their businesses during COVID-19 so far. Repetitive days, mind shifts, small wins, hard decisions, layoffs and opportunity.

18: Selling GatherUp - Part 3, The Transition

Part 3 of a 3 part series on the acquisition of GatherUp. Aaron shares about the transition of working for the company after the sale of GatherUp. What's different, what is the same, challenges and wins are all covered in this last episode of the series.

17: Selling GatherUp - Part 2, The Process

Part 2 of a 3 part series on the acquisition of GatherUp. Part 2 focuses on the process as Aaron shares the steps from verbal offer to LOI to purchase agreement and the close. Join Aaron and Darren for a deeper view on the steps involved in selling a SaaS company, with great insight for those who haven't done it before.

16: Selling GatherUp - Part 1, The Why

Big news, GatherUp was acquired in November 2019. The first episode of a 3 part series on the sale of GatherUp, Darren interviews Aaron on "The Why" GatherUp sold, what the founders wanted, tips to prepare for an acquisition and more.

15: A Recap of 2019 and Looking Forward to 2020

Aaron and Darren look back over 2019 and look at a full year of podcasting, running the businesses, what they learned and more. Things wrap up with what 2020 might hold in store and both agree that you can never build features fast enough in SaaS

14: Working On & Working In The Business

The importance of working ON your software business as well as IN the business is big topic and a daily struggle. Aaron and Darren share their views, current work load and their goals for working In/On their businesses.

13: Running A Great Sales Demo

Your sales demo is often a prospects first look into your SaaS product. It's also a focused opportunity to tell your story, build the benefits of your offering and start a relationship. In this episode, Aaron and Darren discuss their sales demos in depth and look at where they can keep improving to land more customers.

12: Building Process in the Process

As you grow your SaaS business you'll need to create and implement process to scale, succeed, optimize as well as train new employees. Processes small and large can save you time, energy and emotions, but it's not easy to do while in the macro process of building your business.

11: Marketing Your Bootrapped SaaS

Marketing your SaaS offering is a massive need for success. Darren and Aaron dive in to how they have developed marketing strategies over the years, with both focusing on inbound marketing, content, SEO and speaking events.

10: Building Customer Success and Support For Your SaaS

For bootstrapped SaaS companies, service can be a massive differentiator against your larger and well funded competitors. Aaron and Darren look at customer support and customers success, their differences, the building blocks and what to pay attention to as you grow how your service and support your customers.

09: The CEO Journey - 4 stages of a SaaS CEO

Being the CEO of a SaaS start-up is a giant journey. Darren and Aaron discuss a recent podcast from a16z with David Ulevitch that lays out this journey into four specific phases a SaaS CEO goes through. We are each in a different stage of the 4 right now and we discuss how that looks to us and where we are trying to get to.

08: Churn - Figuring it out and fighting it

Churn is a constant focus of any SaaS business, even more so of any bootstrapped SaaS. Getting customers is hard and keeping them is a must to succeed. Aaron and Darren discuss how to track, view and learn from your churn so you can continue to make customers happy, keep them and grow.

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