50: Engagement In Your Sales Funnel

Hubspot has defined the SaaS sales funnel as Awareness, Engagement, Exploration, and Conversion.  This episode is focusing on Engagement in the sales funnel to move your prospect down further. For me it comes down to two main strategies:

1. Are you easy to work with?

2. Do you work how your customers want you to work? 

I look at what makes for good CTAs, that appeal to all levels of engagement. 
  • Questions - live chat, web-to-text
  • Get updates - email newsletters, podcasts, blog content, social
  • Demos - recorded, live, interactive

Creators and Guests

Aaron Weiche
Aaron Weiche
I'm the Co-founder and CEO of Leadferno, a business messaging app. Leadferno creates delightful connections at speed through SMS and messaging platforms centralized in one app to close more leads faster. I designed my first website in 1998 and never looked back. I have co-founded and been in executive roles in multiple digital marketing agencies and SaaS companies. I speak frequenty at conferences of all types on digital marketing, customer experience, mobile and local SEO. I'm part of Local University and a founding board member of MnSearch. Outside of work I'm a sports fan, love Nebraska college football, Minnesota Twins baseball, snowboarding, boating, BBQ and anything with my 4 kids and amazing wife. I live to the west of Minneapolis, Minnesota.
50: Engagement In Your Sales Funnel
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