The SaaS Venture podcast shares the adventure of leading and growing a SaaS company.

Host Aaron Weiche of Leadferno shares his experiences, ideas, wins, and losses in running a software as a service company.

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20: Big Launches & Big Challenges

Another COVID catch up as Darren covers his big launch of a long time feature completely redesigned and Aaron discusses some staff challenges with the dip in business.

19: Navigating The Unknown

Aaron and Darren share how things look for them personally and for their businesses during COVID-19 so far. Repetitive days, mind shifts, small wins, hard decisions, l...

18: Selling GatherUp - Part 3, The Transition

Part 3 of a 3 part series on the acquisition of GatherUp. Aaron shares about the transition of working for the company after the sale of GatherUp. What's different, w...

17: Selling GatherUp - Part 2, The Process

Part 2 of a 3 part series on the acquisition of GatherUp. Part 2 focuses on the process as Aaron shares the steps from verbal offer to LOI to purchase agreement and t...

16: Selling GatherUp - Part 1, The Why

Big news, GatherUp was acquired in November 2019. The first episode of a 3 part series on the sale of GatherUp, Darren interviews Aaron on "The Why" GatherUp sold, wha...

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