The SaaS Venture Podcast: Aaron and Darren have a lot to share.

We've both been involved in digital marketing over 15 years and both had our start by building websites. While our paths since starting have differed we both currently run bootstrapped SaaS companies. Darren is the founder and CEO of Whitespark and Aaron is the Co-founder and CEO of Leadferno.

This podcast is to allow us to share many of the day to day and month to month experiences we have in running, leading and growing our SaaS companies. We're excited to share The SaaS Venture with you outlining our adventures.

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Get To Know Us

Aaron Weiche

@AaronWeiche | LinkedIn

I'm the Co-founder and CEO of Leadferno, a business messaging app. Leadferno creates delightful connections at speed through SMS and messaging platforms centralized in one app to close more leads faster.

I designed my first website in 1998 and never looked back. I have co-founded and been in executive roles in multiple digital marketing agencies and SaaS companies. I speak frequenty at conferences of all types on digital marketing, customer experience, mobile and local SEO. I'm part of Local University and a founding board member of MnSearch.

Outside of work I'm a sports fan, love Nebraska college football, Minnesota Twins baseball, snowboarding, boating, BBQ and anything with my 4 kids and amazing wife. I live to the west of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Darren Shaw

@DarrenShaw_ | LinkedIn

I'm the founder and president of Whitespark, a local search company with software and services that help businesses improve their rankings in Google.

I started developing websites back in 1996 during my first year of university. I failed plenty of courses because I was skipping class to work on my HTML, CSS, and Javascript projects in the lab. Fortunately, people wanted to pay me to build websites, and in 2005 I started Whitespark as a web design and development company. In 2010 we stopped doing web development projects so we could focus on local search, and we launched our first SaaS software, the Local Citation Finder. We now offer multiple SaaS applications and services.

When I'm not speaking at conferences, researching the latest in local search, or designing the next best local search application, I like to spend time travelling, skiiing, and dining with my wife and daughter in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. 

The Saas Venture Podcast from Aaron Weiche and Darren Shaw